The Hutch Crossword Book Award Essay

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Shortlisted for the Hutch Crossword Book Award in 2006, Home is Manju Kapur’s third novel. The novel is a multi-generation family saga of Banwarilal family who is a victim of communal violence during the partition. The novel unravels the struggle and sufferings of the protagonist Nisha in her search of a home i.e. search for own place of shelter and security in society. The novel emphasizes on the alienation of Nisha in spite of living in a joint family. The novel also focuses on the evils happenings in the joint family. Home is one of her finest novels. It is the description of the struggle of a woman in search of her own spiritual home in the traditional society. In his article, “Joint Family System as the Basis of Gender Politics in Manju Kapur’s Home” Ajay expresses his observation about the novel Home, “It suggests a kind of domestic bliss, a state of gender equilibrium in which the protagonist and other subsidiary characters attempt to reconstruct novel set of circumstances” (Ajay 56). The observation provides the kaleidoscope of the novel. The Home incarnates the struggle of a woman born in a traditional Indian joint family where all the family members lives together and follows instructions of family head.
1. Traditional Joint Family:
Banwarilal, a cloth merchant in Karol bag, migrated at the time of partition. After several years of struggle, he has set up his prosperity and status. He has two sons, Yashpal and Pyarelal and a daughter who is married when the novel…

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