Similarities Between Stone Soup And Superman And Me

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The idea of a traditional family has been changed throughout history. In medieval times, the father in the family worked and supported his family with an income. The mother stayed at home and took care of the children. However, this seemingly problemless family lifestyle was not as it seemed; most marriages hundreds of years ago did not last long, as diseases killed off the family members. Now, families are much different; women hold jobs, just as their husbands do. Marriages often do not last long, but for other reasons. Published within three years of each other, “Stone Soup” by Barbara Kingsolver and “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie both discuss the common theme of family; however, “Superman and Me” focuses on one Indian’s personal experience …show more content…
Divorce, remarriage, single-parenthood, and more all occur commonly. For one to assume otherwise is pure ignorance. These issues (divorce, remarriage, etc.) do not occur because of selfishness or some other vain reason. According to Kingsolver, they are done for the survival of the family; this means that with the divorce or remarriage, the children of the family can thrive in a better environment. They receive more supportive figures in their life, with a happier mother and father (even if they are separated). Not only do the children benefit, but the wife and husband do as well. The wife and husband get out of an unhappy marriage and continue on with their …show more content…
People treated Kingsolver as if the divorce she went through was her fault. Kingsolver says that society treats a divorce as “a failed marriage,” when in reality, it is a “finished marriage.” Other people have no moral authority over another family; how can they throw down accusations when they have not been faced with the horrifying problem? Families change for many reasons: independence, self-respect, tolerance, a shift in the female role in a family, or longevity. They change for the greater good of the family members, not to destroy lives.
Both essays address the idea of a nontraditional family, as the two authors have been part of a nontraditional family. Alexie was considered an outcast in the Indian reservation because of many varying factors. Kingsolver went through a divorce, something that she was judged for by many. The two essays also discuss the judgement others who don 't have the experience of being in a nontraditional family give towards “different families.” Alexie received many negative comments about his high achievement in education. In “Stone Soup,” Kingsolver describes the snide remarks made about her decision to

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