The Hunt For The Btk Killer Movie Analysis

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Introduction For this assignment, I chose the movie The Hunt For The BTK Killer. This movie is a dramatized version of the life of a serial murderer that came to be known as B.T.K. (Bind. Torture. Kill). The movie assesses the life of Dennis Radar who was known to be a great husband, a fantastic father, and a model citizen to others in the community. Radar lived in Wichita, Kansas and was a Park City compliance officer and dog catcher. This job allowed for Radar to scan for his perfect definition of a victim. Dennis Radar began his murderous career in 1974 at the age of 29 and targeted mostly young girls and women. It is shown in the movie that after decades of “retirement” from killing, Radar is sent into a reckless downward spiral by the media and their portrayal of his B.T.K. persona that ultimately led to his capture 31 years after the murders began.
With that said, The Hunt For The BTK Killer depicts the acts of Radar’s crimes to a number of possible theories. The most prominent theory represented in the movie is the Theory of Anomie. In the textbook Criminology: The Core by Larry J. Siegel the Theory of Anomie is most openly discussed on pages 11, and 172-175. The Theory of Anomie is basically tailored to describe a person that lacks the “normal” social and ethical standards that are accompanied
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Radar had unethical ways of thinking and hid them well from the people in not only his community, but his family that were much closer to the “trophies” that he kept from each of his victims. The film shows that if an individual finds satisfaction in murderous acts, they will do whatever it takes to continue finding that satisfaction. Except that, their need for recognition and credibility may become too great and make them increasingly

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