Essay on The Hunger Of The United States Of America

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Should There Be Hunger In The United States of America?

America is known for its opportunities but, it is preposterous to know that people go without food within the country. In the world there are people who are willing to corporate for the well being others and their county. But within everyone there is greed and it is because of greed that a population of people within the United States are going through hunger. Many people- teens, adults, babies,and senior citizens- go without food for days on end within the united states. There are many places and people who can contribute to the cause of hunger and help with putting an end to it with the united states. Stores and restaurants through out food that was made incorrectly or because it just did not sell. “ … war and conflict causes injury, cost money and also cause people and communities to flee”. The United States is one of the most wealthiest country in the world, but their are people who go hungry for days, not because of war and conflict, but because of self greed and wealth.
In the United States hunger is a minor issue that people think is a nominal think to do something about. Many people die throughout the year from hunger, because of different reasons involving around the government system, lack in food pantries, farm land, work, and poverty. In today 's society jobs are hard to come by, yes, they are easy to get but, it is hard to keep when you are in poverty and can not make ends meet. On the…

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