The Hunger Games By Gary Ross Essay

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The Hunger Games, directed by Gary Ross and released in 2012 is a revolutionary cinematic piece. A very pivital moment in the film is that of the reeping when a male and a female candidate in district twelve is selected to represent them at the 74th annual Hunger Games in the capital. Through the use of mise-en-scéne, cinematography and sounds of sequences of the film it develops themes, character and narratives within the film, which confront issues of gender both complying and defying the dominant filmic modes of representing gender.
1.Mise-en-scéne plays a large role in the formal elements of the film. The staging is carefully arranged to paint a very similar scene to that of a Nazi concentration camp. There is a speration of the males and females of eligble age and those who are ineligble to compete in the hunger games this includes the guards and Effie upon the stage. The stage is set above seperating the elite from the subortintes. To complete this idea of seperation is the costuming. The very pale and mono chrome costumes of the citizens of district twelve pale in comparison to Effie’s very bright pink suit . To further the idea of seperation is the very simple and prim verus the oppulance of Effie’s costume, with elaborate trimmings. The lighting is very dim. Overall the mise-en-scéne adds a depth of feeling to the somber mood and serious momment. It also highlights this piniont moment in the film it hints at the theme of stocism but also signals a transformation…

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