Essay about The Humble Poets : Anne Bradstreet And William Cullen Bryant

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The Humble Poets: Anne Bradstreet and William Cullen Bryant
From the settling of America to its Civil War, literature changed rapidly and gave future readers an idea of the struggles throughout that time period. Poets, in particular, were excellent at capturing the emotional tone of the time and discovering new meanings around and within themselves. Anne Bradstreet—a Puritan poet that came to America with John Winthrop—and William Cullen Bryant—a Romantic poet writing in post-Revolutionary America—represent well that literary shift in style and context. Further illustration of the changing literature throughout time is found by comparing Bradstreet and Taylor’s similar upbringing, an aversion to publicity, similar choice in topics, differing styles, and differing periods—Romantic and Puritan. Bradstreet and Bryant grew up in and were surrounded by religious and supportive family members. Raised as a Puritan by parents of the same religion, Anne Bradstreet’s writings have a strong religious influence. As Fischer writes, “Anne Bradstreet [is]... an exemplar of seventeenth-century Puritan piety” (11). In addition to being a strong Christian role model, Bradstreet’s father showed support for his daughter by wanting her to have and providing her with the highest education a woman could have at that time. Not only in her immediate family, her brother in-law had such belief in her poetry that he took it to be published without her consent. William Cullen Bryant’s father…

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