The Human Species Is The Endless Search For Individual Perfection

1471 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
One of the innate qualities of the human species is the endless search for individual perfection. This “individual perfection” is a desire to appear as excelling in all of the characteristics that our society deems as important, like beauty, intelligence, kindness, productiveness, healthiness, and cleanliness. This list is truly infinite, and people only have enough time in their lives to devote to a handful of these characteristics, making complete individual perfection unachievable. Moreover, society’s definition of perfection is constantly changing. For example, in the Italian Renaissance period, a fuller figure women was considered “perfect” because it meant she was wealthy and well-fed. However today, when food is much easier to find, a slender figure is considered “perfect” because it likely indicates self-control and healthiness (Sieczkowski). Yet, we strive for perfection because the closer one gets to it, the more one is able to justify the value of their own life. Most people want to leave this Earth believing that they will be remembered, and those that are remembered excelled in some subcategory of personal perfection, like Albert Einstein and his intelligence. One of the direct results of this quest for perfection is fad diets; they are spurred on by the desire for a perfect physical appearance of the individual, and the profit-centered food production companies. Fad diets, such as the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, Celebrity Cookie diet, and the Master Cleanse,…

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