Essay about The Human Race

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At different points in time, the human race has both evolved and devolved as a society. Within a hundred years, just in the United States, theres been war, peace, and slavery. It was at the time in which the battle against segregation was coming to a head that Breyten Bretenbach came to be known. When Breytenbach struck at the clenching claws of the supremacists whose, “”peace” in the white mouth demands maintaining a strict order by law, protecting the status quo, everybody “knowing his place,”” he stood up to institutionalized racism through writing (106). Breytenbach was born in 1939 and spent time as a political prisoner because of his campaign to speak out against segregation in South Africa. While he himself is Caucasian, he took special care to not be presumptuous or take other’s adversity as his own when he wrote. The article “To Keep the Word Alive” that was included Lapham’s Quarterly Means of Communication journal volume 5, is initially from Breyteqbach’s “The South African Wasteland” which called for an order of writing in which authors wrote to convey facts without biased opinion coloring the article. Breytenbach also detailed how the white elite in South Africa were decimating the country. The book caused tension and controversy, two elements that are necessary in writing. That’s an example of great writing at exactly the right moment in time. Timing is essential because without hitting the collective mind at the correct moment, plays, books, essays either…

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