Essay on The Human Race Has Destroyed The Environment Of The Planet

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The human race has the ability to live a life without the constant use of technology. It’s constantly used throughout the majority of the time that it has become an addiction for a vast amount of the human population. Reducing the amount of technology that humans depend on is one of the simple solutions that could be used to solve a problem before one arises. If it was humanly possible to live without the use of technology before than humans can actively try and find ways to help our society with the technology epidemic before it catches up with our society for the worse. In the Pixar movie “Wall-e” the human race has destroyed the environment of the planet that they live on due to lack of care. They are then forced to live on a ship in outer space called the Axiom because earth’s environment is no longer suitable for human life due to the harsh treatment that they human race gave to it. While the humans lived safe in the Axiom they created robots that are called Wall-E, short for Waste allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class, and had them scattered all over Earth cleaning up the waste that the humans left behind (WALL-E). "In the ruins of a great American city, WALL-E, a robotic trash collector and compactor, continues to go about his duties after the human presence has been blown away by billowing waves of noxious dust. Accompanied only by a cockroach, WALL-E trolls among the detritus of the vanished culture; the junk items he finds become fetishes for him. He holds on to…

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