The Human Communication Book By Joseph A. Devito Essay

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An interpersonal relationship is something that takes time and effort from both people. It takes two people taking the time to have a good relationship. In order for a relationship to be successful both people need to be willing to work at it. You have to be able to communicate affectively, know the other persons needs, and be able to solve conflict. Relationships fail all the time because people give up on these things. It is possible for every relationship to be successful but it takes the effort on both ends. My mother and I have a very strong relationship. I am the oldest child of three kids so I was her first born. My mother and I have not always had a strong and well communicated relationship with one another. We went through a lot of different things before we reached a good place. These steps we took to reach a healthy relationship fall under different categories in the Human communication book by Joseph A. DeVito. My mother and I’s relationship is an interpersonal relationship. This is a personal relationship between two people. There are different stages and theories to any interpersonal relationship. The stages include the following: contact, involvement, intimacy, deterioration, repair, and dissolution. All but one of the stages I was able to apply to my mother and I’s relationship. We have never reached the stage of dissolution. The six stage relationship model guided me as I studied my mother and I’s relationship. The first stage is the…

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