Essay about The Human Behavior And The Macro Social Environment

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According to chapter 11 in the Human behavior in the Macro Social Environment, A Neighborhood is a geographic area within a bigger community where residents “ share certain characteristics ,value ,mutual interest ,or styles of living . Neighborhood create communities there are different races, religious group, and lifestyles who live in them . As it relates to social class for instinct In the Washington D.C area the poorest neighborhoods have the most visible drug problems ward 7 and 8 located in Southeast predominately African-American. In today 's society enforcement targets urban communities in some cases people think that African- American are top drug consumers but really drug consumers are in every race. Where I grew up it’s great historical significance and Victorian homes are beautiful most of the wealthiest African American in the early 1800s lived in southeast. But now southeast has heavy drug trafficking, high unemployment rates and low income families. I hate to admit this but most African –American families live in southeast its extremely hard to discuss color but it is a must. Most of the young people in southeast are effected by the school to prison pipeline which is a major reason people are not employed because its hard to good job without a decent education. Drugs ,high crime rates and poverty affect the neighborhood values because most citizens living in low-income housing there are several home forecloses upper –class citizens can buy homes for half…

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