The Human And Non Human World Essay

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A Mother Slowly Strangled by the Hand of Her Child

Mothers unwarrantedly care for their child and give them all they need to thrive. While a child can expect unconditional care from its mother, humanity cannot expect to take from the earth without seeing repercussion from their actions. Mother Nature is a finite resource and we must realize this before it is too late. This relationship between a child and its mother shows how the relationship between the human and non-human world is a selfish one. But as humanity as grown older and more mature, a recent shift in attitude has led to an increase in conservation efforts to help mitigate the harm humanity has already caused to the earth. Humans through the use of technology are curbing the negative effects humanity is having on the Mother Nature by creating and utilizing electric cars, solar panels, turbines and many more green inventions.

Before arguing how humans damage the environment and what steps they are taking to improve the world, it is worth looking at how several prominent authors are talking about this topic. Annie Leonard in her essay "The Story of Bottled Water" argues that humanity is not aware of the effects they are having on nature. By simply buying a water bottle, consumers are fueling a market that is polluting the world in ways the consumer cannot directly see. Rob Nixon helps us understand Leonard’s claims in a new way through his theory on "Slow Violence" which he discusses in his book entitled Slow…

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