The House On Mango Street Essay

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The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros, and Black Boy, by Richard Wright, both exhibit hardships of a child 's life growing up around racism and racial stereotypes. The characters in The House on Mango street and the characters in Black Boy actions were shaped by their social conditions and their institutions. The events that these children went through definitely influenced how these children’s actions turned out throught the book. The House on Mango Street exhibited a lot of stereotypes. Being that the story was told in the perspective of a child, they didn’t really know any better. The main character Esperanza, who is telling the story didn’t really understand why guys would whistle after her and her sister, or why she couldn’t really keep any friends because of her ethnicity and the stereotypes that went along with her ethnicity. There was a lot of cases that in adults point of view they would understand, but in a child’s point of view they would not. Esperanza and her family would always have to move around from place to place. Esperanza moved to one neighborhood where she met a girl and she asked the girl could she be her friend. The girl said she could only be her friend for a week because she was moving away because her parents didn’t like the idea of people of Esperanza’s ethnicity moving into the neighborhood. Esperanza was responsible for a lot of things, growing up she learned a lot through her experiences. Esperanza wanted to get a job and she went…

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