The House On Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros was about the dream house of a young girl of Spanish descent, and the several times her family moved to a place which didn’t suit their needs. The Lawsuit by Naguib Mahfouz was about the troubles faced by a boy and his family when his fifty five year old dad decided to marry a pretty, young girl and brought her along to live in the same house. The House on Mango Street dealt with small house problems of a big family that moved often due to less space and poverty, whereas, The Lawsuit involved family issues when a fifty five year old father decided to torn his family apart when he married a young girl and brought her home to a family of children and his first wife. Cisneros portrayed the girl, in The House on Mango Street, as a confused and hopeful person who was aware of the financial conditions of her family yet she believed that one day she would move to a “real house” with her family where they would have “real” stairs, basement and washrooms, and a big yard. On the contrary, Mahfouz portrayed the man, in The Lawsuit, as a confident and intelligent person who didn’t get affected by his father’s actions until he was dragged into a lawsuit where he had to face his step-mother, who left his family “without a bean” when his father died, resulting in his mother’s and brother’s death. The girl, in The House on Mango Street, represented a static character throughout the story because she kept dreaming about the perfect house, while…

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