Essay on The House Of Cards Built Over A Pool Of Gasoline

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The House of Cards Built Over a Pool of Gasoline

One of the greatest business scandals has carved a new way for business leaders in today 's market. Where there was once great pride, now there was none. The Smartest Guy in the Room is smart enough to know that he 's smarter than most people, but not quite smart enough to recognize when he encounters other people who are smarter. This documentary is entitled Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room for that very reason. Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling, and the rest of the executive members of Enron believed they were more intelligent than the rest of the world and tried to play above the rules in order to beat the system, while ultimately backfired.

Enron infamized the entire mark-to-market accounting system; they were able to have a hand in convincing the government to deregulate and not question the rules Enron was playing by. Enron overpowered banks and accounting firms as well as Wall Street; the company became so powerful they started to convince others to play by their rules. Enron went completely unregulated and became a business that just wasn’t a business at all. Enron began as an energy company, but evolved into a business that relied almost solely on trading Enron stock. The first statistic shown in this documentary began with Enron stock at $42 a share in July of 1999, quickly advancing to $68 a share by January of 2000. The Performance Review Committee was a representation of Enron’s cutthroat mentality. It was all about…

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