The Hong Kong Umbrella Protests Essay

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The Hong Kong Umbrella Protests
Seventeen years ago Hong Kong was passed from British rule over to China. China vowed in the Hong Kong Joint-Declaration to operate under the policy of “one country, two systems.” The agreement was recently broken when the Chinese government located in the capital, Beijing, ordered that they would weed out the candidates that could and could not run for the 2017 election in Hong Kong. This proclamation has sparked nonviolent protesting not only in Hong Kong but also globally. The people of Hong Kong are their own state and deserve to have their own elections without having them rigged by China.
To understand the conflict in Hong Kong it is essential to know some of their basic history. Long ago, in 1841, Hong Kong was surrendered to Great Britain as a result of the First Opium War. The state was to remain with Great Britain for only about 55 years. However, in 1898, Great Britain was granted another 99 years to govern Hong Kong. Seventeen years ago Hong Kong was returned to China as promised, but rather than it becoming part of China under communist rule, Hong Kong was allowed to keep most of their democratic rights. The new state of Hong Kong was given a “high state of autonomy, except in foreign and defence affairs”(Joint Declaration… 1). This has allowed Hong Kong to remain in control of their strong Capitalist role in Asia (Hong Kong Ceded to the British 1).
When Hong Kong was turned over to the Chinese in 1997 China had a communist…

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