The Homelessness Problem For Kids Essay

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I. Attention Getter: One of the biggest problems in the world today is homelessness. There are millions of people without home around the world right now. One of the most shocking facts that are more than a million of the homeless is kids. More than a million kids are on the street without a place to live. While most people take what they have for granted, there are kids that need help to get off the street.
II. Thesis: The StandUp For Kids organization is significant part when it finds a solution and helping kids that are homeless, so they can be safe and have somewhere warm to sleep.
III. Preview of Main Points: This speech will express the dangerous kids’ faces when homeless, the important research that is done about the homelessness problem for kids, and the significant role StandUp For Kids plays in reducing the numbers of homeless kids.
Transition: Now that the main points have been stated, let talk about some of the issues StandUp for Kids face with homeless.
I. First Main Point: Homeless kids go through many problems that cause them to be on the street.
a) Subpoint: Homeless youth faces violence while living on the streets.

i. Headley in (1997) said, “females were more likely to report having been sexually assaulted and fearing victimization.” The study shows females will most likely be assaulted on the street more than normal. The worst part is they tend to be less likely to report want had happened to them. Whiles young males have to fight…

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