The Homecoming Of Beto, An Old Best Friend Essay

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The homecoming of Beto, an old best friend, makes the narrator hesitant to reconnect. The narrators mother is surprised by this, but she doesn 't know about the true means of their relationship. The prospective reunion of the two stirs up memories of unsettling sexual encounters. In “Drown”, Junot Diaz tells a story of the blurred lines of attraction and the journey of a man revealing his homosexuality. Over the course of the story, the narrator slowly becomes aware of his true self. The use of windows symbolizes a passage through the narrators journey of fear, allowing him to find hope, and ultimately leading to the truth. First, the narrator uses the window as a passage, bringing him closer to the truth of his sexuality through fear. For example, during a fun sneak to the swimming pool with Beto, the narrator describes that “at around midnight abuelas, with their hair swirled around spiky rollers, shouted at us from their apartment windows” (505). The act of the abuelas looking down at the narrator creates an image of being scolded. The negativity coming out of the window evokes fear. The narrator then begins to question his enjoyment of the sexual acts with Beto. His internal struggle with his sexuality becomes more evident when describing the aftermath of a drunken night with his buddies. He describes how “Danny passes out in the back seat and Alex cranks the window down to keep the wind in his eyes” (511). By keeping the wind in his eyes he is trying to prevent…

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