The Holy Spirit Essay

1566 Words Nov 27th, 2016 7 Pages
The drama of the recent presidential election left Americans asking the question, “What just happened here?” Whether a person’s favorite candidate won or lost is irrelevant to this discussion. What is important is the way in which people acted and reacted as tweets, posts, and advertisements went viral, and frankly, much of it was not pretty, or kind, or remotely Christ-like. How does a person, or more specifically a Christian, respond to all the negative campaigning full of hurtful words, accusations (whether true or not), and rhetoric that drove a chasm between segments of society that could take decades to heal? It is this type of scenario society finds itself in on a daily basis. Though not likely to make headline news every day, these circumstances force an individual to make ‘head or heart’ decisions daily. This essay will consider the work of the Holy Spirit as it regenerates and sanctifies individuals to holiness. First, a look at how a contemporary lifestyle can bear false fruit in everyday relationships and spirituality, second, a discussion on the Christian response to these false fruits through the practice of spiritual disciplines, and third, what makes a person holy and able to produce good fruits. Finally, the essay will explain the relationship of the work of the Holy Spirit in person through their salvation, and their participation in establishing and consummating the kingdom of God.
As one looks at today’s society and the lifestyles that many lead,…

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