Essay on The Holocaust Of The Nazi Party

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Unspeakable Words People love to talk about any topic to others but, there are certain topics that are too horrible to talk about. However, some people have the guts to open up. The Nazi Party was led by Adolf Hitler and his purpose was to create a pure Aryan race for the world. Hitler declared if he sees a group as Non-Aryans, he will exterminate them because he considered them as a threat to the world. To set an example for the world to see, Hitler used the Jews as his scapegoat. Hitler also used propaganda to make the Jews look as rats so people can look down on them. For this he killed 2.7 million Jews, and the other Jews were taken to labor camps, or used as slaves. The Jews had to suffer emotionally from this horrid conditions because they only had no choice. What does one have to say about a certain topic that cannot be said? While there are many people have found it is nearly impossible to explain the Holocaust, some have been able to explain the unspeakable by the use of literary devices, graphic novels, and assemblage to explain the Holocaust. An effective way that survivors share their experiences in the Holocaust is by using literary devices. Elie Wiesel provides information about the Holocaust in his book, “Night” he explains the unspeakable truth of how the Nazi’s are making the Jews suffer. Wiesel explains through the book why Jews were used as an example of a threat to the human race. Wiesel wants the reader to feel his emotional suffering because he lost…

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