The Holocaust: Normal Life During The Holocaust

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During World War II, approximately six million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust. The 1930s through 1940s was extremely heartbreaking for Jews and their families. Before the Holocaust Jews had normal lives, they never expected their lives to dramatically change personally and their outlook on the world. Before the early 1930s, Jews had good paying jobs and families, but when Adolf Hitler was chancellor there were a lot of new laws enacted to discriminate against the Jews.
Everyone in the 1930s had economical problems but Jews had it the worst because of their religion.Before the Holocaust Jews had jobs like farmer, tailors, seamstresses, factory hands, doctors, teacher, and small business owner (The Holocaust). Some Jews had normal
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Jews had a normal life before the Holocaust started (The Holocaust). Not several people cared what kind of religion someone is or culture they were before the Holocaust. If the Jews did not have blue eyes and blond hair the German soldiers would take them away to concentration camps (Nazi Germany 1933-1939). Adolf Hitler believed strongly about race and religion. After the Holocaust Jews that survived feared to go back to their families because of antisemitism (The Holocaust). “Antisemitism is hostile to or prejudiced against Jews.” Even after the Holocaust people still mistreated Jews because of their …show more content…
This website is credible because A Timeline of The Holocaust is a credible company. It's a secondary source because the website was created after the time period. A Timeline of The Holocaust gave me good information about the holocaust and how the Jews lived their lives.

“The Holocaust:A Learning Site for Students.” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum , This website is credible because The Holocaust: A Learning Site for Students is a knowledgeable and credible company. This website is secondary because it was written after the Holocaust. This website is good for finding out what really happened during the Holocaust and it shows us articles about survivor who were in the Holocaust.

“Timeline of Events .” Timeline of Events , economic-life.
This website is credible because Timeline of Events is a large knowledgeable company. Timeline of Events is a secondary source because this newspaper wasn't written in 1930s. Timeline of Events showed me a overview of the economical life for

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