The Holocaust And Its Effects On The Modern World Essay

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The Holocaust, which was the systematic persecution and murder of over six million Jews during World War II, is often cited as one of the worst atrocities committed in the history of human civilization. People speak of it in hushed, mournful voices as they wonder at how the German Nazis could be so malevolent as to annihilate a whole generation of Jews. Hundreds of eminent scholars have eloquently explained the horrific nature of the Holocaust and its effects on the modern world (Gerstenfeld). Yet, it can be said that emphasis should be placed on understanding why Adolf Hitler decided to exterminate so many Jews. Only by looking through the perspective of the Nazis can one begin to understand that the Nazi Party and its leader, Hitler, brutally persecuted European Jews due to the historical significance of race superiority in Europe, the previous defeat of Germany in World War 1, and the experiences Hitler had with Jews. Before one begins to delve into the relationship between the Jews and the Nazis, he or she must first look through a historical perspective. European history is filled with events inspired by racial superiority such as the genocides against the natives of the Americas by European explorers. Throughout the history of European civilization, the white Europeans have always seen themselves as superior to all other ethnicities and cultures. Whether it be the Africans or the Asians, the Europeans always saw themselves as above the rest (“The Story of Race”).…

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