The Hmong People Have Endured The Persecution And Killing Of Their People

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The Hmong people have endured the persecution and killing of their people. They have experienced the oppression and hardships involved in immigrating to a new country with new customs and new values. It is not a surprise that the Hmong culture is gradually decreasing as time goes by (Nursing 220, 2016). The younger generations growing up in America are not as inclined to learn about the old customs (The Split Horn, 2001). It the future, there will not be many people left to teach the young Hmong people their traditions and about their history in Laos. There is a rising barrier that is growing between the older and younger generations starting in the migration out of Thailand (Yang, 2008, p.80). The barrier has only grown since settling in America (Yang, 2008, p.155). There are similar and differing views in the older and younger generations also concerning marriage, family and gender roles, Hmong traditions, and spirituality. The younger and older generations shared some of the same feelings about the migration. Both young and old made the migration from Laos to Thailand for refuge from persecution. They knew that they had to leave, even if they didn’t want to leave (Yang, 2008, p.32). Yang wrote in her book, “They could no longer survive in Laos” and “the only option for survival was to get to the Mekong River, cross it, and head for the refugee camps of Thailand” (2008, p.33). The older generations still wanted the best for their sons and daughters, even in a time where…

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