The Hitler Youth Movement

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The youth were the one way that Hitler could affect most of the population of Germany’s beliefs. The only future of the Nazis was the German youth. This idea was introduced by Hitler and the government. The German kids were seen to be so susceptible to Hitler’s beliefs. The children were basically brainwashed by Hitler. At first, the Hitler Youth Movement was just a small bud, but it grew larger and larger very quickly. In the early 20’s the Nazi party instituted a youth movement led by Kurt Gruber. On July 4th, 1926, the group was renamed Hitler Youth and run by the SA. Hitler used the German youth as the German Nazis very own, not so secret weapon because they would be easier to brainwash than German adults with their own opinions and views, and he used that to his advantage. He also wanted to provide the children of Nazi Germany with a sense of justification, achievement, and community. This was something that was perceptibly absent in his own spiritless childhood.
The Hitler Youth was mostly introduced by the government led by Hitler. The government brought in the ideas of Hitler into the classrooms all over Germany. It did
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The children did not live in special camps but they were taught during the day. The young girls were taught how to be perfect, respectful wives. They were taught and they practiced how to make a bed. They were taught to be selfless, submissive, obedient, and to have self control. At other times they were involved in sports or active in some way. On the the other hand, there were the young men. Hitler did not believe in intellect. He wanted the boys to be active at all times. The young men learned how to throw grenades, dig trenches, and many other military traits. All german children were taught that the Aryan race was the pure race. In their eyes (thanks to Hitler), the Jews, the gypsies, and the homosexuals were an inferior race compared to the Aryan

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