The Hit Shows Empire A Real Look At How The Real Music Industry Acts Under Social Society Problem

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From the music culture to the underground crimes, the hit shows Empire a real look at how the real music business works. The show also gives you a view at how the music industry acts under social society problem. Directed by Lee Daniels, the show is based around a family who built a major record label from dealing drugs. Main character Luscious Lyon, who grew up in poverty, made his way up as a music mogul. He first starts out as an artist (rapper/singer) while in the process of selling drugs to ends meats. He has a female companion named Cookie Lyon who helps produce him, while also helping sell the drugs. They both have three young boys named Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem who all grow to be a part of the family business. While they’re still young they witnessed their mother go to prison for drug trafficking. After seeing his wife go to prison Luscious begins to work harder to make his goals a reality. Soon he became one of the biggest artists in the music industry. While still on the rise he decides that he wants a record label fit for a king. He made the investment and creates what is called Empire. As times goes on for Luscious success, his three sons began getting older joining the family business. Andre, who is the oldest of the three, grows up and goes off to college to get a business degree to work at his father record label. He eventually becomes the CFO of the label and still on the rise to take his father’s place as CEO. As for Jamal he grows up as a singer. However,…

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