The History Of Mariachi Music Based On Its Origin Essay

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This research paper talks about the development of mariachi music based on its origin. Mariachi is a genre of music representative of the featured cultures in the country of Mexico. In the introduction I want to summarize briefly the role of music on the culture of a country. In the literature review I will summarize the information based on the research of CSUN library website. I want to learn more about the history and the birth of mariachi music, how it continues to grow. Mariachi music today has been developed and spread through neighboring countries like the United States. Now also be applied to the mariachi music courses for students from elementary to college.

When it comes to the culture of a country, the music often is one of the criteria for assessing the diversity of this country. Music of Mexico has very unique features, interesting. Mariachi music is considered a traditional beauty. Music is an integral part to help for the development of culture in each country. Music is one of the entertainment sources are considered the most popular and is an indispensable part of today 's humans. More specifically, the music has a huge impact to the formation and development of human personality. Besides, the music helps us to reduce the sadness and also bring joy to people. Mariachi so it is one of the featured music art cultures in the country of Mexico it brings joy, the fun and the line connecting people closer together. Through this research paper I wanted…

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