The History of Makeup Essay

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Makeup. Have you ever wondered how women from earlier times were supplied with makeup? In fact, Ancient Egyptians used anything from copper and lead ore to create the first cosmetics used in the world. However, today, cosmetics are scientifically advanced and can do everything from his pores, smooth complexions, and change eye color. Makeup has been an integral part of mankind for thousands of years. Women and men have taken drastic measures over the years to better their appearance.

In Ancient Egyptian times, men and women wore makeup, rouge, and perfumed oil to protect them from the sun. In Egypt, the higher the persons status was, the more makeup and jewelry they wore. The makeup they used provided color t their eyelids, eye
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Cosmetaes were adorned for their skills of applying makeup. Some men, especially cross-dressers, used cosmetics, although it was viewed as effeminate. To Romans, very pale skin was considered the most beautiful of all. Therefore, women wore whitening makeup to fit their idea of beauty. Most of the time, women applied chalk powder, white marl, and even crocodile feces and white lead to their faces. Hair on women at this time was also considered extremely unattractive, except for on their head. Roman women who wore pink rouge on their faces were considered to be in good health. This color of rouge was made my rose and poppy petals, red chalk, and the more expensive brand was made of Red Ochre and was also imported from Belgium. Romans also believed that eyelashes fell out from excessive sex, so to prove to the opposite sex that they were still charitable women, they kept their eyelashes long by applying kohl to them excessively. Romans, like Egyptians, also used Kohl for eye makeup, and also Malachite, for green makeup. They also used Azurite to create blue makeup. They preferred thick eyebrows that nearly met. They achieved this look with soot and met them in the middle creating the uni brow.

The makeup of today's society is quite different. During the early 20th century, makeup became fashionable in the United States, due to the influence of ballet and theater stars. But the most influential of all was the movie

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