Essay about The History of Criminology

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Kimberly Hussey Criminology-14 Unit 1-Homework 04/18/09 History of Criminology Criminology is the scientific study of the nature, extent, cause, and control of criminal behavior. Crime has existed in our country for more than two hundred years. The scientific study of crime and criminality is a relatively recent development. During the middle ages (1200-1600), people who violated social norms or religious practices were believed to be witches or possessed by demons. The use of cruel torture to get confessions was common practice. Those convicted of violent or theft crimes suffered extremely harsh penalties including whippings. In every society, people have free will to choose criminal or lawful solutions to meet their …show more content…
Sociological Criminology focuses on the relationship between social factors and crime based on the work of Quetelet, and Durkheim. Quetelet along with Michel Guerry used social statistics to investigate the influence of social factors on the tendency to commit crime. They found a strong influence of age, and sex on crime and also uncovered evidence that season, climate, population composition, and poverty were also related to criminality. Quetelet was one of the first criminologists to link crime rates and alcohol consumption. Chicago School sociologists argued that crime was not a function of personal traits or characteristics but rather a reaction to an environment that was inadequate for proper human relations and development. Criminologist study and analyze patterns in criminal activity and attempt to determine the cause of, future trends in, and potential solutions to crime in society. Criminologist are concerned with questions like how to effectively deter crime, who will commit crime and why, and how to predict and prevent criminal behavior. Criminologist will often work with law enforcement at the local, state, or federal level. Other criminologists seek

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