The History Of Childbirth Is A Long One That Spans Across The Entire History

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The history of childbirth is a long one that spans across the entire history of the world. The physical act has pretty much stayed the same over all this time with the exclusion of c-sections but the social aspect has changed drastically. Through exploring Nancy Dye’s History of Childbirth in America, Wenda Trevathan’s The Evolutionary History of Childbirth, and Barbra Rothman’s Childbirth as a Negotiated Reality, one will receive a glimpse into the social history of childbirth. Nancy Dye’s, History of Childbirth in America, explores the social evolution of childbirth by breaking it into three stages: before the 18th century, later 18th century to 1919, and the 1920s onward. In the first stage, pregnancy is a social event that is attended to by midwives and female friends and relatives.[ 1] It was the pinnacle of femininity and the power women held. The midwife, who was not seen as a medical professional would see to everything in the pregnant woman’s home where the birth would take place by natural means.[ 1] Even though this was seen as a happy moment it was still crowded with the cultural emphasis on the likelihood of pain and death that brought fear and confusion to women.[ 1] This stage in the history of childbirth is important to understand because it is this era that acts as a foundation for the rest to come. Also, as the stages are followed through one will also being to see the respect and desire Dye has for the beginning age. The fear of death and pain was…

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