The Hispanic Culture : The Latino Culture Essay

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The group I chose to research was the Hispanic culture. I do not know much about the Hispanic culture nor have had much experience working with this culture. Sometimes it can be hard to work with or surround yourself with people when your cultures are not the same, therefore getting to better know the values and customs of a Hispanic will help me to make sure my clients get the most from me Knowing more about the people that I am dealing with is the best way to ensure a good client to counselor relationship. The Hispanic culture is one of the fastest growing cultural groups in the United States. The U.S. Census data indicates that Hispanics will be the largest minority group by the year 2050 (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1992). There are a lot of poor things said about how Hispanics live in this country, but they pride themselves on collectivism, self-worth, respect and their families (Ruiz, 2005). One of the big components of the Hispanic culture is called collectivism, this is almost the complete opposite of the overall culture here in the United States which is more of an individualistic culture, meaning that we like to do things for ourselves. Collectivism is to view your accomplishments being dependent on other people (Ruiz 2005). Group collaboration is big part of their value in culture, this is something that would be very useful to know in an interviewing process in counseling. Most Hispanics work better in groups because that’s what they know, this is something that…

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