The High Level Of Environmental Concern Essay

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What is especially interesting about this example is that it makes the electric utilities and electric consumers “partners” in designing new electrical systems. Consumers can be given new responsibilities, not typical of their prior status as mere consumers of a commodity. It remains to be seen whether such innovations are likely in Vermont, but one can speculate that the high level of environmental concern in the state makes it likely that consumers will adapt to new ways of using electric power both in their own interests and in the interests of reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. Is very likely that wind energy will remain a subject of considerable debate in Vermont and elsewhere. While the Texas example demonstrates how important economic factors are in promoting wind energy and other alternative energy sources, the role of government is central to the debate a question has been raised as to whether government subsidies to win power developers mask the true cost of wind power. See, for example, While it seems likely that the move toward alternative energy sources in Vermont and other states will move forward strongly, states that produce coal and oil have been vocal – and often successful – in justifying continued reliance on these fossil fuels. West Virginia has been in the forefront of such efforts.…

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