The Hidden Assault On Our Civil Rights Essay

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At the turning point of the century came the rise of the industrial age in America, and with that, came the rise of multiculturalism. The promise of the money and jobs brought people from all over the world. Free-market enterprise had people enamored with “The American Dream,” the idea that freedom enabled every hard-working individual with the opportunity for prosperity in success. Because of this, no other nation has such a rich blend of cultures. However, with this culture of diversity one could claim makes America great, comes a series of convoluted identity politics. In the novel Covering: The Hidden Assault On Our Civil Rights, Kenji Yoshino talks about the dichotomy between the True Self and False Self, and the concept of covering, or toning down a disfavored identity to fit into the mainstream. He calls out America on its hypocrisy, and shows us the insidious side of the “American Melting Pot.” Yoshino advocates for a world where there is only the True Self and we are honest and unashamed as children. I agree with his dream.

Growing up, social and economic minorities learn to be hyper-aware that each of their actions has social ramifications. One would often hear phrases such as, “You owe it to your race to be better,” or “If you want half, you need to work twice as hard.” Speak well, dress nice. However, in this process it is easy to lose one’s identity. One can change their name. One can phase out his or her foreign accent, or abandon his or her cultural…

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