The Hero Of The Movie ' Heros ' Essay

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Heroes are portrayed throughout films and novels, many characteristics help add to the heroes and help them throughout their quest. Heros go through quests and have to undertake certain challenges. These are cut into sections, such as Separation, Initiation, and Return. These can be broken down even further. Sling Blade I believe portrays the main character, Karl, well. Karl is the hero in the film. Many would say he was an anti-hero. He does not do things a hero would usually do, but he still accomplishes his hurdles and sacrifices himself for his friends.
The Hero quest starts with Separation this is where the Character comes face to face with their problems. Separation begins with The Call to Adventure. Karl was let out of his hospital, because the doctors believed he was well and wasn’t harmful to society. He was released to the outside world, which, he was not familiar with. Karl runs into different places and different people. There is a particular person he runs into at the Laundromat, Frankie. Frankie needed help with laundry and Karl was a helping hand to take it back to Frankie’s home. This, then leads to refusal of call Karl at first did not know whether he wanted to help Frankie. Frankie explains to Karl his mother has a boyfriend, Doyle. Which, he does not like very much. Karl befriends Frankie and does not want anything harming the boy, especially Doyle. He realizes the harm the boy and his mother are in, because Doyle is considered a drunk and riotous. Karl…

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