The Heinz Dilemma Experiment By Lawrence Kohlberg Essay

1452 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
Imagine living in a fantasy world where everything is pitch perfect the way you wanted to be, but then, you wake up to the harsh reality to feel trapped and animated on the inside. This is how I first view my life story for the last three years. At first, I never thought this class would help me realize who I am nor what I have to value until eight weeks ago. To start off, I have looked at my life in a new light and sees how I should understand others before I judge them, as well as, to understand the importance of morals and values. Everyone has their own values and morals that they believe in to determine what is right and wrong in life, so have I. Not everyone can agree to the same stuff about how one’s should live our life, but instead learn from our value and believe to make our own story in our life. According to the Heinz dilemma experiment by Lawrence Kohlberg, “Concludes that boys and men tend to focus on an ethic of justice, whereas girls and woman look toward an ethics of care”(Rosenstand 634). In essence, everyone has a different ways of viewing their life and I too should live my life according to how I wanted to be. So far I have met my expectation for myself in life for the values of not giving up on myself when time is hard and when time is hard I tackle it head on because if I decided to live a hard life then my life become easy, and if I choose to live the easy life they my life will become harder.
Furthermore, with the combination of stories being tells…

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