Essay about The Heart Rending Story Of A Young Girl 's Struggles

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In the heart-rending story of a young girl 's struggles to survive, the novel Sold illustrates many important ideas, from the significance of loving relationships to the impact of poverty, and everything in between. Through the character of Lakshmi, an innocent girl stuck in poverty and a world of dishonesty, Patricia McCormick tells a story about the dehumanization of people, and the different struggles that are faced around the world. Lakshmi takes a journey through the life of being a sex slave in India and shows how cruel some people can be. The story is eye opening on several levels, but the primary point being made is that horrific events occur, and no one tries to make a difference. McCormick, author of Sold, uses different encounters and events in Lakshmi 's life to demonstrate how collective egocentric actions of others can cause major atrocities and a never ending cycle of corruption that can occur in any society.
Throughout Sold, Lakshmi encounters many people who make choices based on their own personal gain. One of the main people guilty of this is her stepfather. He is the principle cause of the poverty that Lakshmi and her family face, and the reason Lakshmi ended up becoming a sex worker. In the novel, Lakshmi describes what her stepfather sees when he looks at her, “When he looks, he sees cigarettes and rice beer, a new vest for himself./ I see a tin roof” (2). This quote is very important in learning what type of person her stepfather is.…

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