The Heart Of Heart Failure Essay

1033 Words Jan 25th, 2016 null Page
When my grandmother suffered from respiratory disease, her heart failed miserably. Her heart failure caused me to become interested in engineering. For a long time, I did not understand why she died. I only knew she died from cigarettes, which is something that is not very clear to understand as a 6 year old. However, I was still heartbroken about the fact she was gone forever. I was even more heart broken that I never got the chance to tell her I love her. As I got older, I understood more about the functions of the heart. Heart failure is a severe failure of the heart to function properly, especially as a cause of death. Some causes are damages to the heart muscle from causes other than artery or blood flow problems, such as from infections or alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. I gradually started to become interested in biomedical engineering, partially because of my love for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I would like to develop new medicines and develop systems for more personalized medicines. By doing this, I first have to understand Nanoparticles because these particles target personalized medicine. They also better the health system to diagnose and prevent diseases.
Personal medicine is a new and better approach to the health care system based upon individual genetic makeup. This medicine will provide a more safe and accurate healthcare system for those with gene variations. As time progresses, biomedical engineers are coming to a conclusion that personalized…

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