Heart Failure In Older Adults

Heart Failure in Older Adults

Heart failure (HF) is a preventable, complex, and progressive disease that affects most older adults. The enormous personal and national financial burden of HF is astounding. HF has become a global epidemic affecting over 23 million people worldwide with economic burden estimated at more than $108 billion per year (Dickson et al., 2014). This condition is predominant in adults older than 65, and is a chronic and progressive syndrome often associated with the chronic and distressing symptoms (Jurgens, Shurpin, & Gumersell, 2010). HF remains the leading cause of hospitalization in adults aged 65 and older in the United States (Gure et al., 2012). People are living longer due to the advancements in technology and
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Prevention of HF requires astounding amount of knowledge and awareness to all age group. Acknowledging the causes of and the risk factors for HF is the first step in the right direction in HF prevention. Exposing all age groups to this knowledge and awareness using the GDMT guidelines, will encourage individuals to make adjustments to their lifestyle and modifications to possible risk factors that will result in the prevention of HF. Such lifestyle adjustments and modifications are, making healthy nutritious food a habit from childhood, which will result in a healthy weight and BMI and help prevent obesity, limiting excessive salt and sugar in diet will help hypertension and diabetes. The only unmodifiable risk factor is age and no one has control over that. Risk factors identification, recommendation implementation, and adherence to regimen are critical in HF …show more content…
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