The Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay

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Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is heralded by many as a classic, but over the years has presented many problems of interpretation. One of the most notable misinterpretations is Chinua Achebe’s An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’. In it, Achebe points to various passages in the book that supposedly prove that Conrad and his book are racist, and that the book should be cast out of the canon of classic literature. I disagree with what Achebe has to say, and believe that this is a false and inaccurate interpretation because Achebe’s objectivity is hindered by his anti-western bias. Trilling on the other hand, interprets the Heart of Darkness for its theme and message as written in his essay, The Greatness of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. To understand this novella and look at it as a whole, one must understand Conrad’s motives. As I read the Heart of Darkness, I noted the racism in the text, but found that Trilling’s view of Conrad’s work corresponded with my interpretation of the novella.

Heart of Darkness is an intriguing story as well as a symbol for Joseph Conrad 's social commentary on imperialism. Marlow 's journey takes him deep into the African Congo where he bears witness to a number of life-altering revelations. He beholds his most striking revelation when he begins to compare the "civilized European man" with the "savage African man." These two opposing forces represent the two conflicting viewpoints present in every dilemma - be it…

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