The Heart Of A Classic Work Of Literature Essay example

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At the heart of a classic work of literature is its central theme or idea. It is a common occurrence that many classics share a universal idea or belief, but are explored through the different perspectives of those from different cultures or social statuses, for instance. Two classics that demonstrate this are Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, which is about a fictional fierce warrior named Okonkwo of an Ibo village in Nigeria who faces circumstances beyond his power and the downfall of the culture he has grown into; and Walden by Henry David Thoreau, a non-fiction novel about Thoreau 's journey of self-enlightenment and discovery as he lives on Walden pond for nearly two years. They share similar concepts which are change, identity and society. These concepts join together to explore the overall idea in each work, which is that change, whether good or bad, may lead to a similar or opposing change for a society or an individual. They both eventually lead to the revealation of a truth about life towards the end of each work. The first concept shared between Things Fall Apart and Walden is change. In Achebe 's novel, Okonkwo faces change after he and his family have been forced to move away from his home village for several years, during which many major events take place. Such an event would be the arrival of European settlers onto the villagers ' land. This change is shown on page 56, where it is written "and at last the locust descend. They settled on every tree and on…

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