The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Essay

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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter describes southern Gothic Tradition started in the southern U.S. States dating mostly from the 20th century. While Marxism continues to be studied in the United States today, its heyday in America was during the period of 1930s. Carson McCullers, along with other literary intellectuals of the 1930s, found herself absorbed in conversation in which Marx was the main topic. The Marxist ideas, she and her contemporaries passionately discussed are present in her first novel, THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER, which deals with oppression and exploitation in southern cotton mill society. There are several themes involved in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter specifically, alienation, oppression, loneliness and isolation. The lack of a useful role in society of the causes of loneliness is not physical isolation and lack of companionship. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter has been lauded for its major concepts are, unrealized love spiritual isolation, and the failure of communication. The exclusion of older people in leading to the major factors are isolation, loneliness and social relation.
Social isolation affects about million older people and has a serve impact on people’s quality of life in older age. The social isolation and loneliness is not currently priority for service providers, but is vital if we are to end social exclusion.
Set in a small town in Georgia in the late 1930s, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter focuses on deaf-mute John Singer who befriends…

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