Essay about The Health Issues Of An Aging And Unhealthy Population

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Social work has a responsibility to adequately support the chosen lifestyle of unpaid carers as their efforts form an invaluable service which saves the economy £132 billion per year (Carers UK, 2015a). Without the thousands of carers, the health of many of society’s most vulnerable would suffer as the government would struggle to fund the costs of providing alternative care. Yet there is a growing reliance upon unpaid carers who are willing and able to provide the care which allows people to remain within their home. Firstly, the health issues of an aging and unhealthy population means there are increasing numbers of people aged 18+ who find it difficult to look after themselves. Secondly, there is an expectation that unpaid carers fill the deficit in the availability of services and resources which have resulted from the numerous cuts to the social care budget (Buckner and Yeandle, 2011).

Anyone can become a carer and for numerous reasons, yet adult care is predominantly undertaken by family members during later life. Although some may relish and find this role rewarding, others may not on account of the sacrifices and massive changes which occur in their own life. The pressures attributed to caring can overwhelm carers, leaving them physically, emotionally and mentally drained and too ill to continue caring. Consequently, The Care Act 2014 has been introduced to address this issue and give recognition to the valuable service provided by unpaid carers as by…

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