The Harmful Effects Of Drug Addiction Essay

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The Harmful Effects of Drug Addiction Drug Addiction has long been an issue around the world. Drugs are chemicals, different drugs effect the body in different ways. A drug Addict usually doesn’t know they are addicted till it’s too late. In addition, drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or a strong will. There is no doubt that drug addiction harmfully effects every part of a person’s life. A few ways drugs have harmful effects would be crimes, health and family. For instance, Crimes have sky rocketed over the years and most relate back to drugs. According to statistics 90% of property crimes and muggings are drug related (Facts About Addiction, 2009). Most drug addicts have to steal anything they can to make money to support their drug addiction. They do not care who they steal or hurt in the process it could be there family, loved one or just a random person, because they are chasing their next high. If the drug addict goes to jail, they end up coming out knowing more people that can help their drug addiction. Most prison inmates have a drug addiction (Facts About Drugs, 2009). If a person gets ripped off in an illegal drug transaction they cannot go to the police or courts for help resolving the issue, this normal leads to resolving it through violence or more crimes. Stealing and committing crimes is all some drug addicts know how to live, that’s what they grew up doing. Furthermore, drug abuse causes many health problems…

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