The Harlem Renaissance : A Place For African American People Essay

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After viewing the video(s), what particular social, economic, historical or political conditions limited the expression of African-Americans and what conditions allowed for the Harlem Renaissance to be born?
During the early 1900s Harlem Renaissance was born. It was a place for African-American people to show of their creative skills in arts, music, theater etc. The Harlem Renaissance was started during WWI, there were more jobs available in the cities like New York and African-American people left the south to fill up these jobs. Pretty soon a lot of people started to live in the upper side of Manhattan known as Harlem, where African-American people formed a community. Although slavery ended before the 1900s it was extremely difficult for black people to gain some social and creative freedom, especially in the south and the urban north of the united states where segregation was still illegal. Soon words spread across the country about Harlem where people from different ethnic background could show of their creative talent freely. Majors contributors to the Harlem Renaissance was Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, James Weldon Johnson and many more. After the great depression, the Harlem Renaissance faded away, but not without paving the way of generation of African American entertainers and playing an extremely important part I American history and culture.

The poem “The Weary Blues” by Langston Hughes, appeals to the readers by capturing musical rhythms. The poem uses…

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