The Handsmaid's Tale Chapter 6 Analysis

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In chapter 6 in “The Handsmaid’s Tale”, Offred and Ofglen decide to stop by the church. While exploring the streets they see many things by the street that takes you down by the river. Such as, a boathouse which is used to keep sculls there, bridges, trees, green banks etc. Offred and Ofglen arrive at the church, but don’t go in. They turn around and see the Wall. They describe the wall the be something hideous and scary looking. The Wall’s functions is to keep the people from coming in and out. For example, “The precautions are for those trying to get out” (Atwood 31). The Wall keeps the people from trying to escape. Offred and Ofglen see that six dead men are hanging from the wall. They are thinking it's due to the men's savage ways. For

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