Offred In The Handmaid's Tale

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In the Handmaid's Tale we are introduced to the dystopian world of Gilead, where Offred, the narrator, and many other characters are introduced. Offred is a handmaid in the story, meaning her one job in the society is to be able to provide children for the sterile ‘elite’ class who can not have children. She and the other handmaids are required to wear red with white wings on their face so as not to show their face or see anyone. In the first chapter we also see the setting with is in a gymnasium where Offred and other handmaids are watched and kept only aloud to go out once a day for a walk and constantly being watched by Guards, Angel, and the Aunts. The Aunts, such as Aunt Lydia, patrol the places where the Handmaid's stay and carry …show more content…
On there way shopping they run into the Martha's who are servants in the house and infertile women who wear green. On the shopping trip we are also introduced to Nick, a low ranking Guardian in the world of Gilead, and Serena Joy aka the Commander's Wife. Wifes wear blue and are high ranked in women's standards. They are required to perform all the rituals of the handmaids, though they do not really do them (i.e sex and childbirth). In the case of Serena Joy, she used to be a former televangelist. The Wall is described throughout the story as a place where those executed are hung for all to see. It is a place of fear as well as mourning.
While they are out shopping Offred and Ofglen run into Ofwarren who they discover is pregnant and feel she is showing off. In the Republic of Gilead being pregnant and with child is one of the most sacred thing and one of the best things in terms of being a handmaid, because it guarantees your life at least for a little while. Near the end of this shopping trip, both Offred and Ofglen are seen by some Japanese tourists who want their picture. Offred politely refuses. When they ask if she is happy, Offred replies that yes, they

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