The Hall Of Human Origins And The Northwest Coastal Indians Hall

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The world sees museums as a place to go to be entertained or to learn about something. One of the world’s most popular museum resides in the upper west side of New York City. Aside from it being a tourist spot, it’s also one of the biggest museums and holds a huge collection of artifacts varying from different times of history. An approximation of the amount of artifacts is, “8 million, but many curators will privately admit that this is most likely a guess.” (Preston, :176). What people don’t know about this museum is the actual history of those artifacts shown on display. To a typical visitor those small trinkets of stuff behind glass is nothing really significant, but to the culture it belonged to those things could mean much more. In this essay I will be analyzing the Spitzer Hall of Human Origins and the Northwest Coastal Indians hall and the underlying issues and observations I’ve made through my personal visit to the museum. Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins, I found to be the hall that used the most technology which was the reason why I chose to analyze this hall. This exhibit mainly focused on the evolution of humans, physically, mentally, and genetically. It goes as far back to 6 million years ago to present day. Once I walked through the entrance my senses of sight and hearing were completely engaged. There were many attractions to this exhibit and that is one of the reasons why I believe so many people were visiting this certain hall. As I…

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