Mecca Informative Speech

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Mecca is a big religious city. Everyone in the Mid-eastern area either visits or settle down there. Many Muslims come from all over to contribute in Mecca’s annual pilgrimage. It is called the hajj. In this road of movement, the pilgrims follow the footsteps of the prophets and recount their devotion to the almighty God.
There are five acts that every Muslim must perform in their lifetime to be able to be with God when he calls them home. The acts are witness, worship, fasting, tiding, and pilgrimage. The ones that do the ritual are called hajjis. They will keep this title in their name until their mission is completed. Women and men are dress different during the Hajj. Men wear two pieces of white sheets and the women wear a hijab to cover their neck and hair. Everyone is equality balanced and are able to stand next to each other. This is showing that there is equality in the Muslims before God. Any
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First, the pilgrim goes to Miqat, to bathe and put on special clothing, and perform formal statements of intent. Next they go through the Masjid al Haram complex to do Tawaf. There the pilgrims recite the prayers going in a circle around the Kaaba seven times. After that, they sip water from the Zam Zam well. Then they will walk the hills of Safa and Marwa seven times. In the Hajj the next ritual starts with another declaration of intent. The pilgrim travels to Mina and stay there until next morning at dawn. They will say a prayer the day of and the prayer travel with them to the valley of Arafat. They will also have to stand in the heat and praise God. On the traveling road they would have to pick up small pebbles and do a stoning towards the devil occurrence. They do an animal sacrifice which is an apart of Eid al Adha. Then the male pilgrims will shave their heads and return to Mecca. Then they must take one more trip to Mina and do more stoning to be able to come back to Mecca to do a farewell

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