Monster In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

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Who is blamed when a dog attacks a person? Sometimes it’s the dog, but sometimes it’s the owner. In Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, a monster is created and is then left to his own devices as he hasn’t been trained on how to act properly. The monster is forced to wander the globe in search of someone who will accept how ugly he is rather than run away from him. Due to the lack of attention Victor gives to the monster, Victor should not be pitied; but instead, the monster should receive the most sympathy from the reader. The grotesqueness of the monster as experienced by each character in the book definitely shows the monster is only uninformed, isolated, angry, and confused.
Victor had a family that taught him proper manners. The monster did not
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Vanity is a major theme throughout the story because of how difficult it is for the monster to be ugly. If he wasn’t completely ugly, Victor probably would have stuck around to raise the monster. Instead, the monster was stuck being labeled as a “demon” by his creator. So the monster leaves and finds a small hut where the De Lacey’s live. Through his observations with this family, the monster learns. So now, the monster is literate and can speak eloquently. In an attempt to find some kind of connection with a person, the monster decides to befriend the blind man in the small house. The blind man is specifically chosen because he can’t see how grotesque the monster appear. The monster waits for the rest of the De Lacey’s and Safie to leave so that the blind man is alone. The monster goes inside, and begins to conversate with him. However, not too much is said between the two because Safie and the De Lacey children return shortly after, therefore sending the monster away after one of them screams, one of them faints, and the other one hits the monster with a club. So now the monster is alone again, he is back on the journey to find Victor again when he notices a seemingly unaccompanied girl is in danger of drowning. Being kind, the monster saves the girl. however, the girl was accompanied by a man with a gun. The monster is shot in the arm before he manages to escape. The monster is now alone and has given up on trying to be a part of

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