The Greek And Trojan War Essay

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During the Greek and Trojan War depicted in the Iliad the reader leans of the qualities of the many leaders. The Greeks lead by Agamemnon and the Trojans lead by Hector have been at war for nine years previous to the Iliad. There are many leaders in the Iliad that are great and there are some that are terrible. Great leaders are ones that have courage, the respect of their men and enemies, and are inspirational. Terrible leaders are cowardly and selfish when faced with great challenges. The best leader in the Iliad is Hector and the worst is his brother Paris. Being courageous in the face of great danger and challenge is a sign of a great leader. Without courage a leader cannot hope to have their men follow them into battle as well as expect to be respected. Hector has shown many times that he is courageous when facing the Greeks, who outnumber the Trojans. After a long and unsuccessful day of battle for the Trojans he returns to Troy and his wife asks him to stand on the wall and direct the troops to stay safe. Instead of doing as his wife asks Hector refuses to stand on the ramparts saying, “I would die of shame to face the men of troy and Trojan women trailing their long robes if I would shrink from battle now, a coward” (VI. 523-525). This shows that he is so courageous that he would rather face death with his Trojans rather than stand on the wall. Hectors courage is so great that even his wife says he is courageous enough to be considered “Reckless” (VI. 482) and that…

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