The Greatest Theme For Future Medical Leaders Essay

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Richard Rossi has picked by far the greatest theme for future medical leaders, "Greatness awaits" (Rossi). After listening to all of the amazing speakers one can easily be convinced that this is true. Several speakers talked about the moment and how important it was. Other speakers talked about advances in the medical field. Some speakers talked about medical technology and how that has changed over time. Then there were the speakers who talked about the discoveries just recently made in the research part of medicine. All four of these elements added together equaled greatness.
This greatness that was being created now, will change greatly between now and when it is time for me to take my place in the medical field. Probably the most important thing for me to keep in mind, was the moment. Many of the speakers referred to it as "the human moment" (Hallowell). Dr. Ned Hallowell spoke to us scholars, about the importance of the human moment. The human moment "posses a great power," which sadly today, many of the new doctors have forgotten about (Hallowell). If the human moment was forgotten, then there would be the patient and a doctor with no connection. The human moment is the bridge that connects the doctor and patient together.
The human moment was and still is a very important thing not only for the patient, but for the doctor as well. Dr. Hallowell said, "The human moment makes your job fun and enjoyable." I could not agree more. From watching my dad work with…

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